Enjoy instant hot water comfort while avoiding a major renovation. The Hot-LinkPlus-e system installs easily into
existing plumbing with a tank water heater. No dedicated hot water return line is needed! The system combines
the ECM high-efficiency 006e3 hot water circulator with the award-winning SmartPlug Instant Hot Water Control®
and Hot-Link® Valve for maximum comfort and efficiency. Enjoy water savings of up to 12,000 gallons per year.
You can expect trouble-free performance reinforced by SureStart® automatic unblocking and air purging. Ideal
for retrofits, the Hot-LinkPlus-e requires no programming and is built with the reliability that’s made Taco famous.
— Install it, forget it.

The 006e perfect for any instant hot water system

The 00e Series® — 006e3 is an infinitely variable fixed speed, high-efficiency wet rotor circulator with an ECM permanent magnet motor. It is perfect for hot water recirculation and hydronic heating applications. With 3 easy settings, the 006e3 delivers performance, reliability and ease of installation that made the 00® famous.

Taco trusted 00e Series quality and reliability – Install it, forget it.™

  • Easy installation:
      • Compact design for tight spaces
      • Multiple connection options available
  • High-efficiency ECM motor uses up to 85% less electricity
  • SureStart® is your no-callback safety net, automatically purging air and unblocking the pump to keep it trouble-free. No one else has this feature!
  • Unmatched customer service & technical support


  • Easy to install: Upgrades your existing plumbing to provide “Smart” hot water.
  • Water conservation: The average residence can save up to 12,000 gallons* of water per year by eliminating the wait for hot water to arrive at fixtures and taps.
  • Comfort and convenience: Hot water is available in seconds. No timers or programming required.
  • Efficiency: “Smart” setting maximizes hot water comfort and energy savings.
  • Reliability: The HotL-LinkPlus-e SmartPlug and 006e3 provide whisper quiet operation and industry-leading electronics for proven performance and dependability.