Comfort-Aire is a leading supplier of heating, cooling and dehumidification equipment to the HVAC market. Founded in 1933, Heat Controller can trace its roots to the Wingert Furnace Factory which began building coal, gas and oil furnaces in 1907. In 1955 the company moved to a new facility in Jackson, Michigan, and a new focus was placed on room air conditioners, central air conditioning and dehumidifiers under the Comfort-Aire® brand name. Comfort-Aire is known throughout the industry for efficient, reliable products and in-season availability. Whether for heating, cooling or dehumidification, these products meet or exceed industry standards for energy efficiency. Comfort-Aire is a registered trademark of Heat Controller, Inc.

Comfort Aire Quick Ship Products


Ductless mini-split systems are a great solution to a wide variety of installation challenges, giving contractors the ability to add cooling and heating in locations that previously seemed impossible. They’re ideal when installing ductwork is difficult, prohibitively expensive, or simply impractical. Residential and commercial structures, new construction and existing buildings, are candidates for mini-splits. Basically a mini-split does away with the need for ductwork. Like a regular split system A/C or heat pump, the condenser is located outdoors; one or more air handlers are placed indoors. The two are connected by electrical and refrigerant lines that run through a small hole in an exterior wall, generally 3” in diameter or less.

Single Zone Units


Warranty—6 years on compressor, 5 years on parts

(Some limitations apply; see printed warranty for details.)


Multi Zone Units

Comfort Aire multi Zone

Our InverterFlex® multi-zone units let you condition one up to five rooms with just one outdoor unit (depending on model). The contractor can design a system that best meets the load requirements of each room being conditioned because indoor air handlers can be mixed and matched—all five types of units shown can be used in the same installation.

These 9,000, 12,000, 18,000, 21,000 and 24,000 BTUH indoor units can be mixed, up to the point that their combined capacity reaches the total allowable system capacity—see the chart inside. All units must operate in the same mode except “fan” only can always be selected. True zone control is possible because each air handler operates independently and has its own wireless remote.


(Varies according to type of indoor unit)
• Auto Swing—Continually adjusts air direction for a gentle, breeze like effect preferred by most people
• Multiple Modes—Cooling, heating, fan only, dehumidification only, plus:
• Sleep mode
• 24-hour timer
• Turbo mode
• Auto mode
• Intelligent Pre-Heating—Enhances comfort by preventing cold air blow
• Auto Operation—Automatically selects the mode required to maintain a constant temperature/humidity level
• “Follow” Function—Senses temperature at the remote and adjusts air flow for comfort and efficiency at its location
• Superior Filtration—Air filters are designed to help enhance indoor air quality
• Auto Defrost—Defrosts only when necessary to save energy, limit downtime
• Self-Clean Mode—Dries out indoor unit when not in use to prevent mold growth
• Low Ambient Operation


According to the EPA, the air inside our homes is often more polluted than outside air. What’s needed to protect yourself from airborne contaminants is a high quality filtration system, and that’s just what you get with all ductless mini-splits. In fact, our high wall mount indoor units are equipped with a superior filtration system. The nano silver ion filter releases silver ions that eliminate bacteria in the air, while the gold fin coating on the evaporator itself inhibits the growth and spreading of bacteria into the living space. Ceiling cassettes also have a special evaporator coating to prevent the breeding and dissemination of airborne bacteria.

Additionally, the units can be operated in the dehumidification mode without cooling or heating. This removes excess humidity from the indoor air, one of the keys to preventing the growth of mold, mildew and other contaminants.

indoor air filter


Efficient and reliable heat exchangers, hot surface igniter, integrated furnace control with on-board diagnostics. Equipped with ECM constant torque motor. Low profile cabinet is ideal for replacements. All units are A/C ready.

Upgraded Unitary Parts Warranty

Comfort Aire has upgraded their current basic parts warranty from 5-Year to 6-Year on most* Unitary products. This will also serve to provide consistency among the product componentry as well. See changes implemented below – highlighted for convenience.

Comfort Aire Warranty