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ibc boiler and replacement parts

IBC Technologies   You expect your boiler to provide enough hot water for both your kitchen and bathroom, as well as enough heat to make your home cozy and snug. Combining DHW & space heating in a single compact design featuring two independent copper waterways embedded in a cast aluminium heat exchanger, the SFC Combi is designed to do just that.



24 Year track record of reliability, simplicity, ease of install and service


A total of 4 - 5 moving parts- Unparalleled in the industry


Solid one piece heat exchanger with one or two copper water ways embedded in a cast aluminum block with no parts for fittings to fail.


Very few interchangeable parts that do not change

Bob’s Tech Tips


Install tip for IBC Combi Boiler

  • Pipe Header & Valve Set prior to hanging on wall
  • Easy step to avoid call back 
  • Adjust for shorter threads
  • If no error code, but get temperature flucuations- check the flow sensor.

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Simple – Reliable – Efficient

A dual fired combi the SFC provides not only high-efficiency space heating, but unrivaled domestic hot water efficiency too. We call this ‘Double HE’. The secret lies in our patented two-in-one heat exchanger that ensures optimal heat transfer and minimal heat loss.

Flue gases are condensed with both space heating and domestic hot water production ensuring heat extraction to the fullest extent possible.