Let us help you design your heating system!

Capitol’s experienced staff can help design heating systems, from basic hot water or forced air options to more complex radiant systems (including snow-melting), large commercial operations, air conditioning, and wood-fueled systems.

Heating Design

At Capitol District Supply, we work with contractors and homeowners to find the best fit for a property’s heating and air conditioning needs. We always recommend that a qualified contractor install a heating or air conditioning system.

If you want to update and improve your heating or air conditioning system, we recommend letting us calculate a Heat Gain Load (Heat Loss) to determine the best unit for your home. This calculation will take into consideration the size of your home, the number and size of doors and windows (where air escapes), and which direction your house faces (to address how the sun affects the temperature in your home).

A Heat Gain Load is done for both new construction and existing homes. In order to complete the calculation for your property, we need:

  1. Sketch of the floor plan for the house (width, length, height dimensions)
  2. Window and exterior door dimensions, type, location, and direction (North, South, etc)
  3. R-Value of insulation in walls, ceilings, floors

Once we complete a Heat Gain Load, we will know the BTUs lost from the home and can match the net output of the furnace or boiler to best fit your home. This will allow you to purchase a unit that will be the best investment for performance and energy usage.

Contact a Heating Specialist

Note: Capitol District Supply staff members are not licensed heating engineers. Their advice is merely to assist you, not to take the place of advice from licensed professionals.

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