condensate neutralizer

Do you need a condensate neutralizer?

Many cities require owners of high-efficiency furnaces and boilers to install condensate neutralizers. This may be because the city has had problems with acidic water causing damage to sewer pipes. Even if your city doesn’t require you to install a condensate neutralizer, you should absolutely consider it if you own a high-efficiency furnace or boiler and you have noticed corrosion of your furnace drainage pipes. All high-efficiency furnaces create acidic water as a by-product of the combustion process, so it’s best to install a condensate neutralizer before corrosion causes damage to your pipes, septic system, or sewer system.

condensate neutralizer

What is condensate?

Your high-efficiency furnace or boiler is powered by combusting natural for LP gas. The burning of gas creates water and carbon monoxide as by-products. Wastewater is drained into your sewer system while waste gasses like carbon monoxide are piped outside of your house. Although the waste water, or condensate, created by combustion is technically clean, it has a PH between 2.9 and 4, which makes it acidic.

Why condensate is harmful?

Because condensate is acidic, it can cause damage to your water drain pipes, causing them to corrode prematurely. Acidic condensate can also cause serious damage to local sewers, pipes, septic systems, and water treatment facilities.