Delivery Services

Need your new kitchen cabinets or whirlpool tub delivered? Capitol would be glad to assist!

Capitol District Supply offers daily delivery 30 miles from any of our three locations in Albany, Saratoga Springs, and Schenectady normally for a $35 charge. For distances further than 30 miles, additional charges may apply.

Our delivery service is a curbside delivery. This means our drivers will deliver your product to your garage, porch, or sidewalk but unfortunately our drivers are unable to bring the product inside your home because of insurance purposes.

When a delivery is scheduled, please make sure your contractor will be at the delivery location for that time. While we can’t give an exact time when our truck will be at your home, we will set up the date and 4 hour window ahead of time. Then the day before we will confirm and be able to give you more information at that time.

To schedule a delivery, contact your salesperson or our Warehouse Department.