Go Green at Capitol

Want to take care of the planet, cut energy costs, and upgrade your home?


There are several ways you can Go Green in your home:

  1. GMVC 95Upgrade and update your system by installing Energy Star Rated products and take advantage of Tax Credits and Rebates
  2. National Grid Rebates: National Grid offers rebates for installation of qualifying high efficiency products like boilers and furnaces, over $500 for installation. Currently, National Grid also offers Rebates to switch your heat from Oil to Natural Gas with rebates up to $1560. To see current rebates and reserve a rebate for your home, click here.
  3. Tax Credits: There are a variety of tax credits for different product installations. It will vary from year to year what is available and what products qualify. For this year’s details, click here.
  4. Make small changes in your home today to save energy and water costs
  5. Lux PSP511LCInstall a programmable thermostat. Choose between a Lux Pro 5/2 Day or a Lux Pro 7 Day thermostat. Set the temperature to go down during the day when you are at work and when you go to bed, and come back to a comfortable temperature when you are awake in the house.
  6. Forte ShowerheadConserve the water you use in your home by purchasing WaterSense products. Choose a Kohler toilet, like a Devonshire Comfort Height Toilet, with a flush rate of 1.28 gallons per flush. Or switch our your showerhead for a low flow option of 2.0 gallons per minute or lower from Delta or Kohler.
  7. Install zoning options to better control the heat and air conditioning in your home
  8. Arzel_Damper_install_photo[1]Install Arzel zoning in your current system to be able to heat or cool sections of your home at a time instead of your entire home at once. This also helps solve the issue many homes have where one room is extremely hot while another is extremely cold!
  9. Install a minisplit system. NEED MORE INFO

Check out more on the WaterSense program and ways to save Water by clicking here.
To learn more about the Energy Star program, click here.

Stop by any Capitol District Supply location to get more information on Energy Star and WaterSense products and to get started saving money and the environment in your home!