Summer is coming! You’re most likely planning some great family vacations, maybe some time at the beach or camping. But have you thought about planning your kitchen remodel?

Why would you be thinking about that? Everyone is away and all you can think about is outdoor projects and being outside the house.

In actuality, Summer is a Great Time to have your kitchen remodeled! Here’s the top 3 reasons why:

Reason 1: You’re Spending Your Time Outside = Less Upheaval for your family

When you remodel anything in your home there is always construction upheaval that disrupts the whole house, even if you do everything possible to minimize it. However with a kitchen, you also have the storage in your old kitchen.

I’m not talking about the cabinets… but you will still have food, dishes, pots and pans, silverware, and appliances that need a place within the home. Often your dining room table will be holding your pantry, some of your dishes and utensils will be in boxes in the garage, the things you still need to eat daily will be in a box on your office floor, and your appliances will be in the middle of your family room. Even if you are buying new appliances you generally still need a refrigerator and microwave at the very least.

In the summer, you can be outside enjoying the weather and generally not looking around refrigerator while trying to relax on your couch watching TV. Enjoy your hammock instead!

Reason 2: You Can Cook & Eat Outside

Summer is the perfect time to cause upheaval in your kitchen because you can grill outside and enjoy your meals on your patio. You’re not trying to cook dinner for a family of 4 in a microwave and toaster oven only to then have them eat it all on your couch.

Reason 3: You Can Go on Vacation

If you have a contractor you trust doing your remodel, you can give him or her the keys to your house, pack up the family and go away on vacation. You can travel and come home to a remodeled kitchen with no upheaval, no construction dust, and no cooking in your office!

If you aren’t comfortable leaving your contractor with your keys for the week, you can still go to the park, to the pool, or hiking for the day. This will minimize the time you are trying to work around the construction and your kitchen being all over the house instead.

Remodel in the Summer… But you then have to: Plan in the Spring

So it’s only May, why are we talking about the benefits of a summer remodel?

First, Because you want the actual construction to happen during the summer months. A kitchen remodel takes time to design and order and that needs to happen in May and June in order for your contractor to do the work in July and August.

Second, You need to get your contractor scheduled! Just like you want to leave your contractor to do your remodel while you go on vacation, this is also when they want to go on vacation. Plan with him early so you can make sure he has the time to do your project.

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Steps to take to get started on your Summer Kitchen Remodel: